High in the Sky

The pictures are when my older brothers and I flew our kites in May.    
This picture is when
my two older brothers and I flew our kites.

This kite
is my oldest brother's kite.

And this one is my moon kite.

April Flowers

Last April my family and I planted three kinds of flowers-- pansies, petunias, and moss roses.
And we put new mulch in.

Butterfly Bush

In the spring we had a butterfly bush in our front flowerbed and there was a butterfly on it!
I had to take a picture of it.
I don't know the name of it but I think it might be a swallowtail.
My little sister just wanted to go outside and see it up close.

The First Turtle

This is the first turtle I saw this year.
It is a box turtle.

Lewis and Clark The Journey West book review

Lewis and Clark: The Journey West by Albert and Jane Salisbury is a good book.
It has a lot of cool facts of the journey out west.
It has pictures of the places they went to and of the animals they saw.
I liked the book because of the facts and pictures.

Cat Nap

One of our cats is taking a nap by the rose bush.
Our cats like to sleep by the rose bush.